My New Etsy Store

I recently opened a fine art photography Etsy store to sell my photography prints to people all over the world. I take all of my own photos and specialize in nature, travel, and portrait photography.

seattle pike place ferris wheel reflection water lights
One of my fine art prints of a long exposure shot of the Great Wheel in Seattle.

I started photography when I took a beginning class five years ago, and I have loved it ever since. I’ve spent the past five years perfecting my technique, investing in gear, and working in business settings to learn about the photography industry. You may have seen some of my photography in this past post.

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My First Femme Fatale Cosmetics Order

I’ve been hearing all these wonderful things about Femme Fatale duochromes, and I finally decided to place an order. I ordered a custom stacker that ended up being around $16.00 USD including international shipping to the U.S. for 5 mini-sized Femme Fatale eyeshadows. Each eyeshadow has a sifter and has tons of product that will probably last me at least a year, to be honest. I place my order on May 28th, it shipped on June 9th, and arrived on June 16th. They sent me note apologizing for the long TAT, but it honestly seemed quick for international shipping, in my opinion. Here’s the cute packaging they sent my order in:

femme fatale indie packaging eyeshadow duochrome

Here’s a close up of the stacker. Each level screws on to the one below, convenient for storage! My only complaint is that the eyeshadow of the lower level can get on the label of the eyeshadow above it.

stacker eyeshadow femme fatale duochrome australia

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June 2015 Boxycharm Review

june 2015 boxycharm box bellapierre cargo eslor ncla beauty crop

I just received my June 2015 Boxycharm yesterday, and I was so excited to open it, especially as I wasn’t that thrilled with the May box.  Boxycharm is a monthly beauty box that send you 4-5 full size products for $21.00 a month, including shipping. Last month’s box had a value of $100—quite a deal for a price that’s just a fifth of that.

Here’s the June box. The packaging was not as neat as usually…the pink squiggles were all caddywompus as you can see:

eslor cargo cosmetics ncla highlight kabuki brush

The five items I received were as follows:

  1. Eslor’s Chlorophyll Lifting Mask ($21.00 value) which was the first sneak peek
  2. NCLA Nudes collection nail polish ($16.00 value)
  3. Cargo Cosmetics eyeshadow single ($16.00 value) which was one of the 3 possible final sneak peaks
  4. Bellapierre’s Kabuki brush ($29.99 value) which was the second sneak peak
  5. The Beauty Crop Lighting Crew Highlighter ($10.00 value)

The total value of this month’s box was $93.00 for me, which is actually pretty low compared to normal.

Other items people received were a Doucce Click Click lipstick ($24.00 value) in various shades or Oscar Blandi Hair Cair Daily Silk Serum ($25.00 value).

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Boxycharm June 2015 Sneak Peek #1 & May Boxycharm Review

The Boxycharm May box is old news, but I just got a chance to review mine. See below for my full review. Boxycharm is a monthly beauty box that send you 4-5 full size products for $21.00 a month, including shipping. Last month’s box had a value of $100—quite a deal for a price that’s just a fifth of that.

The June theme is Sea La Vie. To go along with this theme, the first revealed item was Eslor’s Chlorophyll Lifting Mask. Boxycharm subscribers will be receiving a full size, worth $21.00 (Boxycharm made a correction to the original $38.00 value listed). A lot of subscribers say they swear by this, so I’m curious to try it. However, I’m not blown away.

sneak peek june facial eslor skin care

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Etsy Monthly Sample Box

A brand new beauty box has just been started called the Etsy Monthly Sample Box. This box was created by Etsy sellers themselves to help bring some amazing and unique handmade products right to your doorstep. The box was first released in May and was a huge success with a variety of products including bath and beauty items, soap, and jewelry.

There are two sizes of boxes. The first is the mini sample box, which gives you 4 full-sized products from $12.00, including shipping. The regular sized box is $30.00, including shipping and includes more products. There will also be some surprise extra items added into the June boxes. I’d highly recommend checking out this subscription; it can only get better!

DIY Jewelry Project

materials suede thread feathers chain

I am currently starting a large DIY project that will be focusing on the juxtaposition between socioeconomic classes as well as the role of materials when creating. I spent about $15 on materials and plan to make around seven to eight if not more small projects out of the same materials. I got this idea from one of my earlier blog posts, “Why Do We DIY?,” where I discussed how do-it-yourself projects have become the middle-class person’s hobby rather than a hack to save time, money, or resources. I will be mainly focusing on making jewelry because accessories are usually associated with people who have a more disposable income rather than people who come from less wealth. I want to reinvent this concept through my project and question why DIY culture has shifted so dramatically.

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Chivalry Should Be Dead, From a Woman’s Perspective

chivalry is dead love romance dating women men sex

I recently read an article published by John Picciuto on Elite Daily about why chivalry is dead, from a man’s perspective. In his article, he advises to men is to spend the money to take a girl out to a restaurant because, hey, you’re more likely to get a second date, sex, and good food, too. Here is a particular excerpt from the article where he blames women for not asking for what they deserve:

The real problem here is that women, for one reason or another, have become complacent and allowed men to get away with adhering to the bare minimum. We no longer have to put in the effort of flowers, chocolates, dates, etc., and if we do, we come off as stage-five clingers. … Eventually, I feel that women will wise up and start asking for the things that they deserve, the things used to be automatic and expected of men, like holding a door, pulling out a chair, and paying for dinners. Until then, men are going to get away with putting in the bare minimum and receiving what we ultimately want anyway—sex. It’s pretty obvious that women own the cards, and when they start acting like it, they’ll finally start getting dinner from places that don’t deliver.

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